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Which one do I choose ???

I have 3 blog sites. I have a blogger account. I love all things Google so I decided to set that one up to check it out. That being said though blogger just doesn’t seem to have the bells and whistles that WordPress does. I like being able to see my stats and stuff. There is this account too. Like blogger I wanted to use etank in the url. That is what I am known as online in places like the Ubuntu forums, irc, etc. But then there is one that I have been using the longest (so it has the most posts) is It is the one that is currently syndicated to the Ubuntu Planet. That isn’t really a big deal to change though. The thing about that site is the X341 in it. I created that blog soon after my dad passed away last year. The grave that he was burried in was X341 so that means a lot to me to have it in the name of the site. I just don’t know which one to pick.


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Google Docs

It appears that Google has been doing a little work on the Docs and Spreadsheets site. The new look and features are a huge improvement on what they had there in the past. For information on the changes that have been made go to

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The greatest thing since sliced bread …

Well maybe not but it is darn close. A friend just sent me a link to FireGPG. I have been looking for something like this since I started using GPG a few months ago. It is a plugin for FireFox (Windows and Linux only so far) that allows you to “crypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of a text in any web page, using GPG“. Of most interest to me is that it allows emails sent from GMail to be signed. You already have to have GPG installed on your system to use it but once you do it works great.

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Microsoft MSI cleanup utility

I ran into a problem earlier and I wanted to let you know what the solution was in case you see it too. I was trying to uninstall an application onto a machine here and Windows complained about not being able to find the msi file that was used for the install. First I tried the regclean.exe ( look on ) tool from Microsoft and rebooted but that did not help at all. Then I came across miscuu2.exe. This little app once installed lists then stuff that is listed in Add/Remove Programs but it actually works. You fire it up and select the program that is giving you a headache and click Remove. Then install an the new version or just move on with life. I think that if you were to search the registry for the msi in question and removed it then it would have done the same thing but I didn’t think of that until I had already fixed the problem.