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Editra text editor

Thanks to this blog post I have started using Editra for my coding needs. It at version 0.3.38 which is its 14th alpha release at the time of this writing. Don’t let the alpha part fool you though. It is a very nice app that has some good features. It has syntax hilighting for 60+ languages and code completion built in for python code. It has a plugin manager for easily installing some extra features. For a list of the currently available plugins see here. The one thing that I would like to see is the addition of hg as a vcs in the Projects plugin.

If you decide to try it out please post any bugs that you find in the projects bug tracker. If you are on then drop by the projects channel at #editra.

If you are a Foresight Linux user then you can try out the editor by running:

sudo conary update


hg vs git

Which to use. I have been using hg for some small things for a little while and I really like how easy it is to use. The commands are easy enough to remember and they make sense with what it is that you are trying to do. That with the fact that it is really pretty fast make it a great tool to have. The only thing that I have found that is kind of annoying is that it complains with files over 10MB. Not sure where to change it to allow for files of this size.

A few of my friends have talked about git though. I have looked at the commands and they are really quite similar to the hg commands.

So I guess my question is what do you use and why. Is it worth it to switch to git from hg (or the other way even)?



Kentucky team leadership change

The Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo team is looking for a new leader. I have been leading it for a while now and I have just lost steam. I think that it is best that I step down and allow a new leader to take control and breathe some life back into the local team. If anyone is in the Kentucky area and is interested email me or ping me on irc in #ubuntu-us-ky. I am not planning on leaving the team at all. If needed I will continue to help with some of the admin tasks with the goal of handing it over when the new leader is ready.

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