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New Job

Many of the members of the Kentucky LoCo Team will be glad to read this post. After many, many months (about 19) of looking for a new job I am happy to report that I finally have one. I am now for TEKsystems on a contract to Lexmark. Yesterday was my first day but today we actually started getting into the job. If things continue the way that they went today then I feel that I will be very happy there. Maybe now I can stop complaining about my job all the time in our irc channel 🙂



Which one do I choose ???

I have 3 blog sites. I have a blogger account. I love all things Google so I decided to set that one up to check it out. That being said though blogger just doesn’t seem to have the bells and whistles that WordPress does. I like being able to see my stats and stuff. There is this account too. Like blogger I wanted to use etank in the url. That is what I am known as online in places like the Ubuntu forums, irc, etc. But then there is one that I have been using the longest (so it has the most posts) is It is the one that is currently syndicated to the Ubuntu Planet. That isn’t really a big deal to change though. The thing about that site is the X341 in it. I created that blog soon after my dad passed away last year. The grave that he was burried in was X341 so that means a lot to me to have it in the name of the site. I just don’t know which one to pick.

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