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Ubuntu Membership update

The Community Council met yesterday and I was and I received the 3 votes needed to be approved as an Ubuntu Member. This was one of my goals for this year. I am a little surprised (but VERY happy) that it happened this early in the year. The next thing on my todo list is to get the Kentucky Team approved. From this comment:

15:21 < sabdfl> the kentucky team looks well enough organised (grammar?) that i would be happy to +1 that, and the ringleaders for membership

I think that we may get approved pretty soon.


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Ubuntu Membership

I have added myself to the list of people to go before the next Community Council meeting for Ubuntu Membership. I just hope that I have contributed enough to the community to warrant approval.

/me crosses fingers

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LoCo update

Well we are up to 35 members now in the Kentucky LoCo team. To go from 3 to 35 in 2 months is pretty good I think. We are now meeting every Thursday night at 8:00PM in #ubuntu-kentucky on The team is pretty close to submitting our Approval Application to the Ubuntu Community Council so we can become an officially approved team.

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