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Calling all artists.

Do you fancy yourself to be good at the Gimp or Photoshop? Are you a fan of the FOSS? Do you have a desire to get involved with an AWESOME community?

Well if you answered yes to any (or all 🙂 ) of the questions above then I have an opportunity for you. The Foresight Linux community is looking for help in our Marketing department. We would like to have some posters, web buttons, etc. For an idea of the logos that we currently have see this. We are hoping to get some stuff ready for the Foresight 2.0 release that will be out soon enough.

For more information on what the Marketing team is up to see this. If you are an irc’er then stop by #foresight-marketing on



Gutsy Release party

The Kentucky LoCo team had their release party yesterday. It was a good time even though our numbers were a touch low. But then how can you not have a good time at a park with food and free CDs 🙂 We realize that next release we need to try to get the word out better to make sure that we get a few more members there.

We made sure to make it a family event so we actually left the laptops in the car for a whole hour or more. Once they came out though we were g33king all over the new Gutsy and also Foresight Linux .

If you live in Kentucky and are interested in the team let us know.

The gang

I’m the idiot hanging under the jungle gym.

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