Gaming Night / LUG Meeting

This Saturday (03/07/09) from 4:00PM to 7:00PM (EST) the Blue Grass Linux User Group (BGLUG) along with the Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo will be hosting a gaming night / LUG meeting. The event will be held at Tates Creek Christian Church (see below for the map). Check out this thread on the BGLUG forums for more information on the games that we will be playing and the topics for discussion. Also attached is a flyer for the event.

If you plan on gaming remember to bring a laptop or desktop with all of the hardware you need to run it (monitor, power cords, keyboard, etc). We will have a game server there with the install packages available so if you don’t have time to get the game installed beforehand don’t let that stop you from coming.

We will be ordering pizza at some point during the night so if you you have it and are willing to chip in on the cost that would be great too.

  1. #1 by Steven on March 5, 2009 - 1:53 pm

    See you there!

  2. #2 by Jim Campbell on March 5, 2009 - 11:33 pm

    Hi there, I was curious about how you balance working on Foresight with working on Ubuntu. What do you do for each?

  3. #3 by etank on March 6, 2009 - 8:20 am


    I have not really done anything on Foresight since late in 2008.

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