LUG meeting

On Saturday the 14th 6 of us from the BGLUG (BlueGrass LUG) met at Starbucks for a good time of geeking out and drinking coffee. If you weren’t there then you really missed out. We talked about just about everything from old (very, very old) computers to programming. We also learned that a couple of the members have enough old computer stuff in their houses combined to start a small museum.

The only thing that did not go as planned was the free wifi that we were supposed to have from Starbucks / AT&T was not working. We offered to fix it for them but they said that we were not allowed back where the system was. I had planned on doing a presentation on conary packaging but never did get around to it. Of course not having internet access didn’t help the matter at all.

NOTE TO STARBUCKS / AT&T: If you are going advertise free wifi then it should be working. If we had known beforehand that it was broken that day then we would probably have gone somewhere else :/

  1. #1 by vorian on June 16, 2008 - 10:14 pm

    Stupid Starbucks!

    Obama will change that!

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