Butcher books

No I am not talking about books concerning meat. I am talking about the author Jim Butcher. This author has leaped to the top of my favorite author list. I have read all of the Dresden Files novels with the exception of Small Favor (maybe a good Fathers Day gift 🙂 ). I have recently read the first 3 of the Codex Alera novels. I must say that they are all fantastic. The first book in the Codex Alrea named Furies of Calderon was a little slow to get going with. It took me to about page 200 to really be interested in it. The only thing that got me that far was the fact that it is a Jim Butcher book and all of the other stuff I have read of his was so good. Once you get that far though there is an epic battle that reminds me of what is seen in the Lord of the Rings movies. I am a sucker for a good fight in a book. Once I read that I was hooked on the series. I am wanting to get the newest in this series called Captians Fury (yet another Fathers Day gift I hope).

If you are interested in this authors work then you may also be interested in the podcast about his work found at here.

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