Hello Foresight

I have been using Foresight now for about 2 – 3 weeks and I really like what I am seeing. I first heard about Foresight at OLF this past September. It was the excitement of Kevin Harris. I actually installed Foresight on my system because for some reason Gutsy did not like to play well on it. I figured that since my system was down it would be worth it to try out a few new distros to see what else is out there. I tried Fedora 7 and it did not do it for me. Next on the list for Foresight and I was instantly drawn in by what I saw.

I echo what kelsin said in his post about the community surrounding Foresight. I have spent a number of hours in the irc channel and everyone in there has been extremely helpful. I hope to be able to contribute to the distro as a packager (once I get the hang of it all) and as an advocate for its use.


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