Web 2.0 Bible

Have you seen eBible yet? It is one of the nicest online Bibles that I have ever used. They have at this time 6 different translations including the New American Standard Bible, English Standard Version and New King James Version. There are also dictionaries, commentaries and encyclopedias. The site is still in beta so that means that it is changing quite often. It includes the ability to tag verses for later use like tagging a photo on flickr.

For now the only ways to get access to use the site are to sign up to be notified when they are allowing more people in or receive an invitation from someone. Right now I have 2 invites available. If you would like to have one then post your email in the comment section asking for one and I will send it to you. Like I said I only have 2 so it is first come first serve. If I get more then I will make this same offer again.

*** EDIT ***

I have one left now.

  1. #1 by elliotswan on August 11, 2006 - 10:56 pm

    It looks pretty interesting…I’d definitely like to try it out.

    elliot [at] elliotswan [dot] com

  2. #2 by heythad on August 12, 2006 - 11:57 pm

    I’d love one. Thanks.

    heythad – at

  3. #3 by heythad on August 13, 2006 - 12:05 am

    Er – someone else just sent me one. Thanks.

  4. #4 by idledaylight on August 16, 2006 - 2:19 pm

    Any eBible invites left?

    idledaylight {at} hotmail {dot} com


  5. #5 by idledaylight on August 16, 2006 - 2:30 pm

    Nevermind, got one.

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